At New York Nails we carry approximately 100 different colors of Gelish three -week manicure.
Gelish is a thin, shiny, durable polish that lasts up to 3 weeks on the nail. If you have
tried other products and been unsuccessful, Gelish may be for you.
Gelish can be a great product for those with lifestyles that are hard on the hands.
Gelish comes with an extensive swatch of colors, and here at NYN we are also trained in
the proper application and removal techniques of Gelish. All our Gelish services include
a FREE mini manicure & can be applied to hands or toes.
Not a gel or a polish Gelish is something in between, as with shellac there is an extensive
amount of colors and a variety of French polish and two-tone styles.
We also carry the Vitagel Range of Gelish a strength and recovery system for tired
nails & nail biters alike. Enquire within.